By the end of “a true Thai heartthrob,” Sombat Methanee,

18 August 2022 – According to the reporter, “Sombat Methanee,” a national performer, has left the entertainment field once more. 2016’s best performing arts (movies and TV shows). At the age of 85, history’s greatest hero passed away quietly. The cause of death will once more be explained by family details.

For the national artist Sombat Methanee, born on June 26, 1937, also known by the moniker Ae. 2016 Thai actor and director in performing arts (movies and TV series) The actor who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having received both the Entertainment Critics Association Award and the Golden Doll Award also holds the record for having received the most plays worldwide. by playing the hero in 617 tales.

Mr. Namong Methanee and Mrs. Bunmi Methanee are the parents of Sombat Methanee. born in Ubon Ratchathani, the mother’s hometown when she was a baby. However, the family relocated to Saphan On Intersection in Pathum Wan, Bangkok, when he was only seven days old. According to the father, a Railway Department employee in the government,

graduated from Thepsirin School in high school They begin employment with SCG Engineering Consulting Company, but at a time when business conditions are not favourable. He decided to resign in order to look for employment elsewhere. In the meanwhile, he proceeded to Uthen Thawai School of Engineering to pursue an associate’s degree while also serving six months in the military. His enlistment was over in September 1959, at which point he started looking for employment. During the employment search, by chance entered the entertainment sector with the purpose of serving Due to its tall and bulky shape, it once caught the attention of scouts in the vicinity of the Kings-Queens theatre in the Wang Burapha neighbourhood. by taking the lead in a television drama on Channel 7 Black and White (Channel 5 at the moment) with Wilaiwan Wattanapanich, a well-known movie heroine before, and acting coach Suphan Buranapim.

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As for Sombat Methanee’s family life, he married Kanchana Methanee (Tu) in 1959. Together, they have 5 kids: Siragupt Methanee (An), Kiatisak, 4 sons, and a daughter. Patsawut Methane, Suthaya Methane, Sudhathai Methane, and Methane (Aum) (Oey)

whose treasures Kanchana shares Before Sombat entered the entertainment world, the two became acquainted as neighbours and married.

Sombat Methanee then went on to complete his undergraduate studies. Under royal patronage, the Phetchaburi Wittayalongkorn Rajabhat Institute offers a business administration programme, while the University of Eastern Asia offers public administration at the master’s and doctoral levels.

Sombat Methanee is also a well-known actress in addition. He’s a well-known bodybuilder. Because his father was an athlete, he has been playing since he was a young child. plays a variety of sports, including rugby, football, and boxing.

Sombat was nominated as a National Artist in the category of Performing Arts on December 14, 2016, when the National Artist Selection Committee and National Culture Commission cast their votes for the National Artist of the Year 2016. (Movies/TV Shows)

Getting into the entertainment business Wilaiwan Wattanapanich acted in the first TV drama, Heart Prathana, which debuted in 1960. He began performing in the first movie, Rung Phet with Rattanaphon Intarakamhang, after appearing in four TV series. 1961

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voice-over in film and sound on film (recorded while filming) such as: Zhang Suliang, terrified of his wife, paniculata, etc. Film performances from the 16 mm era through the 35 mm scope film era.

He has helmed numerous movies, including Ms. Luk Wa, Mae Tang Rom Bai, and Kamnan’s Daughter.

Once in a Woman Has a Heart, starring Sumalee Thonglor, Chantana Tinsulanonda, Sura Nana, and produced by Prince Chatrichalerm Yukol for Prommit Film and Channel 7 Colors, was the first TV series in which she made an appearance as a special guest star. 1968

He performed in up to 28 movies simultaneously at his height of fame.

is a vocalist who has released music for films such as Chulatri Koon, Koh Sawat, Had Sawan, and Married Pa Fan, among others.

Political activity, vying for senatorial office in Bangkok in 2006 was chosen with 53,526 votes to finish 6th out of 18, but a coup d’état occurred before he could take office. Later, in 2006, the National Security Council appointed a representative of the media, writers, and artists to the National Legislative Assembly.

Later joined the People’s Party after being chosen as the party’s deputy leader. He ran for election as a member of the Thai House of Representatives in group 6 of the 2007 proportional election under the 1st Pracharat Party, however he was unsuccessful. then submit an application to join the Pheu Thai Party and to run on a party-list in the 2011 general election for members of the Thai House of Representatives. No. 102 Pheu Thai Party, but was unsuccessful in winning a seat.

I’d want to request that P’ Ad have eternal peace. P’ Add is comparable to his own teacher. Being a role model for doing good activities, being a patriot, practising religion, and honouring the King are things that should be done.

  1. Open the most recent image. The “Sombat Methanee” victim’s body was transported by the family to the Institute of Forensic Medicine.
  2. dead “Sombat Methanee,” the myth’s true hero.
  3. Sombat Methanee’s subordinate, Khao Munkhadi, offered his condolences and details of what happened before his passing.

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